Getting Started With Zoom!

I’ve helped dozens of people get started with Zoom on their phones, tablets and computers in order for them to communicate with their family and friends during the current pandemic. What seemed to them to be an overwhelming and complex technology was turned in to a routine experience after I spent about an hour of my time with my customers reviewing the steps and writing easy to follow instructions on how to use the free Zoom service.

The most complicated part of Zoom is getting it set up in the first place. That’s my experience and knowledge come in… Once Zoom is all set up, starting a video call is just a matter of opening the application, sending an invitation and waiting for your loved one or associate to connect.

If you have any questions about getting started with Zoom and making it work for you you can reach out to me by using the information on my Contact page or just calling me at 815-721-9290. I’ll be happy to help you in any way I can.

If you are ready to install Zoom you can download it HERE.