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One of, if not the most spectacular, abilities that people have is the ability to grow and prosper beyond themselves, their history and their experiences and realize their true potential.

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Looking For Something More Than Average?

What kind of person works with a life coach? The kind of people who want to be winners and who are looking to get more out of life! Anyone can be average, but people who work with me want to experience more than an average life. They see themselves with greater personal, professional, and financial success than the average person is willing to settle for. In all honesty, coaching isn’t always easy, but the process is incredibly effective. If you are truly looking for something more than average, are open to trust and taking a deeper look into the way you do things then together we can be successful in bringing you closer to your hopes and dreams. Coaching is the most effective tool for becoming more than average because it’s your answers that are creating the growth and paving the way to your vision. You already have the answers you need to be more than average; you just haven’t been asking the right questions!

My coaching programs will create a phenomenal change in the quality of life you enjoy in your personal life. They will get you off the sidelines and thrust into success and growth at a level few ever experience. You will find yourself enjoying more peace, joy, passion, and fulfillment in everything you do—because you’ll be living the life you have created, where you are always moving in the direction of your passions and dreams with enthusiasm and focus.
Rick’s consulting philosophy is centered on the belief that having a successful business includes achieving your growth and profit goals while being able to actively live passionately with balance and meaning. My business consulting services are geared to address the unique challenges faced by small businesses owners as they work to fulfill their commitments to their family, business and community.
Whether it's a short two hour workshop on avoiding common parenting mistakes or a more in depth seminar on discovering a passion or purpose for your life, Rick has developed workshops that will give you a new perspective on the hurdles we commonly face in our lives. Drawing from the depths of his personal experiences you will find yourself feeling a personal connection with Rick as he guides you to a path of new understanding and insight.

I have been impressed with the urgency of DOING, knowing is not enough; WE MUST APPLY. Being willing is not enough, WE MUST DO.

Leonardo da Vinci