An integrated coaching philosophy is based upon the tenant that what happens in one area of our life affects us in every area of our life. The way we set out to achieve our professional goals is certain to impact many areas of our personal lives just as the way we live our personal lives will play a role in our professional success or failure.

No part of our life is immune

My coaching strategy takes into account how the various aspects of your life can impact each other. I understand that it’s important to plan your professional achievements in such a way that you have the time and energy to nurture and grow your personal relationships.

I know that when we experience the devastating loss of a loved one it impacts us at work and can create an enormous strain in our relationships with our partner. I realize that when we are facing separation or divorce our performance at work can suffer. These aren’t simply facts I’ve learned as a result of my training, I’ve personally fought and struggled through these experiences and came out on the other side with a unwavering commitment to help as many people as I can in their journeys. I am here for you!

For as he thinks within himself, so he is. – Proverbs (23:7)

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The struggle with grief isn’t a battle to be fought alone. I have extensive personal experience with grief and professional training that will help you process your loss and re-ignite your life.

5 Traits of Success…

Dream Big – Otherwise you are fulfilling someone elses dreams.
Take Calculatd Risks – Big dreams aren’t found playing it safe.
Don’t Let Failure Win –  Use failure as a lesson to propel you to something greater.
Be Curious – Constantly grow and learn more about your goals.
Let Go – The past is a tool to learn from, extract the lessons then leave it in the past where it belongs.

Life & Career Planning Grief Support Marriage & Relationships
The life coaching services I offer guide individuals through the process of developing new goals and directions for their personal and professional lives.

My commitment to you goes beyond just developing a plan by helping you stay on track throughout the process. As a life coach it’s my job to help you develop and utilize your many strengths and personal resources to achieve greater success in your personal life, career or any other area that is important enough for you to be your very best.

Some clients come to me with the desire to advance at work; others are seeking to improve the quality of their relationships while others are looking for guidance on becoming better parents.Whatever goals you have for your life, as your coach I can help you find greater clarity and bring them into focus by creating a plan that not only helps you get to the top of your game but shows you how to stay there once you get there.
Our world runs at an incredibly fast pace today and in such a fast paced environment, there doesn’t seem to be much room for grief and mourning. No matter what type of loss you are coping with the process of grief doesn’t have any shortcuts because grief doesn’t respect any timeline, offer any predictability and it will demand your attention at the most unexpected times.Many people who are processing grief feel misunderstood, abandoned, scared and lost. Those feelings can become overwhelming but having a coach to turn to for help can be the beacon they need to get through the fog of loss and find the clarity they require to move forward.Working with a grief coach who themselves has experienced devastating loss you find yourself in a place that gives your grieving heart permission and validation to feel the roller coaster of emotions that are bound to show up in your life. Through the eyes and heart of your coach you begin to see that what is being experienced is normal and necessary. My compassionate and empathetic grief coaching process will allow your grieving heart the freedom to experience and process grief without judgment, in your own unique way. The steps you walk through during coaching will give you the hope and guidance you need as you transition into your life after loss. Have you, or anyone you know, ever been through marriage counseling with any substantial change? The fact is that traditional marriage and relationship counseling has the lowest success rate of any form of therapy. With the divorce rate still hovering somewhere around 50% don’t you think it’s time to take a different, more effective approach?While counseling does have its place when psychological issues are involved, coaching offers a more effective solution for most couples because coaching generates quick action and change that can be sustained over the long term. Maybe you feel completely stuck in one or more areas of your relationship. It might even seem that it would be easier to throw in the towel…yet still, somewhere deep inside, you have hope that things can get better.If you still have that glimmer of hope in your heart then you are right, there is still a chance to not only recover your relationship, but to make it better than it has ever been. Relationship coaching is successful because of the fact that coaching is about accepting responsibility for each person’s role in the ultimate solution. Relationship coaching isn’t therapy but it does let couples repair and grow their in their commitment to each other through learning healthy skills such as trust, confiding, communication and problems solving. As you begin to understand and apply the skills you learn you will find the habitual patterns in your relationship begin to grow and change.  My goal is to help you and your partner take ownership and responsibility for your roles in what needs to be done to work from the place of love that existed at one time in your relationship.You will in fact discover that, as both of you start taking action and creating new habits, positive change will be inevitable!

Fees for my coaching services are $85.00 for a one hour session.
Lower rates are available for individuals and couples experiencing financial hardship.

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