No matter what level of success a person has achieved, the ones who are at the top of their game do not rest and sit on their laurels once they’ve reached the top. They keep striving for more. Successful individuals have a core personality characteristic that they all share – the hunger to improve.

Without a doubt your hunger for improvement has caused you to seek other resources to help you attain and keep the edge as a way to experience substantially greater levels of achievement as well as fulfillment from your life.

It doesn’t matter if the growth is in your professional , your health, your finances, your relationship, your emotions, or your time, I am committed to offering you the best experience and opportunities available for creating the extraordinary life you desire.

Raising Your Emotional IntelligenceHave you ever come across a person who has fantastic work habits, really cares about the the quality of their work and seems to be committed to self-improvement even though they never seem to be fully appreciated and probably isn’t fully  compensated? Then there’s the person that is less hard working, not as qualified or interested in the quality of their work, yet they get more recognition, appreciation and promotions? Maybe you are the one who gets overlooked at work. Have you wondered how is it possible that some people are able to achieve to great success in their profession and personal live while others seem to struggle to experience the same success? Research has shown that a key difference in what makes some people successful while others work harder for less success is an individuals level of Emotional Intelligence or EI. It’s been proven that a person’s EI is the best predictor of your personal and professional success. As a result of this workshop you will learn how having a high EI will significantly improve your professional and your personal life, regardless of the challenges you have experienced in the past, no matter the mistakes you’ve made up to this point or how long you have been searching for a better life.The time you spend in the workshop will give you the tools you need and teach you how to cultivate a higher EI. The great news is that you can start right now, from wherever you are in life!Take this workshop, invest in what you learn and you will definitely enjoy a life filled with greater success, joy and rewards!

Work life balanceIn our busy lives we tend to focus the greatest amount of our energy on special projects at home or at work and it becomes all too easy to find ourselves out of balance and not giving the right amount of attention to other important areas of our life. Of course we need that drive and focus if we expect to be successful but taking this too far can cause frustration, stress and failure in other areas of our lives. Anytime we start to feel like one or more area of our lives are out of whack it’s a good time to get a new and fresh perspective of our life, a satellite view of our life. With a little effort, honesty and time you will find your life more balanced and rewarding than you thought possible. By utilizing a tried and true method of coaching I will guide you through the process of getting a laser focus on the areas of your life that are getting too much or not enough attention. My one hour workshop will help you reflect on each facet of your life and as a result you will identify areas that are out of balance and formulate ideas to bring your life back into balance.

propermotivationKnowing and understanding what motivates you and your staff is a critical step in taking your business to another level of success. The need to understand and implement these factors correctly makes a critical difference to the success of the whole enterprise. This workshop is going to provide you with the information and tools you need to significantly impact the your team’s motivation and effectiveness.

get pat your pastAre you ready to live an inspired life by fusing your heart, spirit, and intellect to drive your thoughts, words, and actions?Imagine what your life could be like if you finally felt as though you weren’t broken and feeling whole, happy and content. Imagine opening yourself up to LIVING life by experiencing it as a source of limitless possibilities. It all begins by you making the choice to say “Yes, I choose to live an inspired life, driven towards the future and away from the past.”My program guides you through lessons, exercises, life stories, and meditations that you can apply to create your own vision of an inspired life. Using what you learn in this workshop you will have everything you need to nourish your life and spirit to create a source of constant inspiration and forward movement to success, joy, and peace of mind.
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